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List of Works

A pseudo-portfolio of sorts, collecting my works published, finished, and in-progress.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

List of Works

A pseudo-portfolio of sorts, collecting my works published, finished, and in-progress.

Transcendent Humanity: A Mass Effect fan-fiction, this was my first work released into the wild. Harkening from the distant year of 2013, it remains the work I am most proud of in many ways. While the early chapters are certainly rough, this fic forced me to develop my writing further, and the support and feedback of the community was instrumental in shaping both the fic itself and how I came to see writing.


The Wisp: My first original published work. The Wisp is a novella about a self-replicating starship and its crew of clones encountering a stellar megastructure dedicated to data storage, and the AI that guards it. It has a lot of ideas I am very proud of, deals with concepts near and dear to my heart, and hopefully is a new take on a First Contact story.


Evo-Engine: A short story about the dangers of seeking profit on the edges of known space, whether you're a human crew of scrappy rogues or an alien dreadnought crewed by apex predators.

For the Crime of Mechanical Cancer: A novella I've described as dieselpunk/dark fantasy for lack of better options. The tale of a woman controlled by an aggressively strict society because of her condition, which causes her to grow machinery in response to stress. Certainly gorier than my other works, but with purpose.

In Progress

Three Rebels and an AI (working title): Three augmented thieves in a cyberpunk city accidentally steal a message from the future. Luckily, it's addressed to them. Even better, its full of juicy secrets and future upgrades to really stick it to the man. Also, it has a baby AI they're going to have to raise, while also figuring out their own complicated relationship. Excerpt:

“The Talk? What, about sex?” said a confused Tank. 
“No! Or, yes, but not really. The ‘Your life is a lie, the universe is entropic, everything dies, and the true form of reality is an unending meat-horror so divorced from your experience that you’re basically an alien’. You know, standard teenage stuff.”

Manifestation (working title): A posthuman digital entity crashes onto a world with magic. Both sides have trouble with this. Excerpt: 

They shrugged. “I am a Hedonist, a posthuman entity opposed to the Singleton Matrix, a stellar megastructure and memeplex. This body is a forma construct emitted by a drone the size of your hand. I am, as far as I know, the only one of my kind here, and have taken the name Hedon to distinguish me from my precursor instance who did not survive the destruction of their ark during a Singleton attack. A shard of the ark crashed in the forest north of here, and the Hedonist AI Pollux and I have spent the last few days trying to determine why nothing about this world is familiar.”

The witch squinted at them. “Fuck off,” she said. “Half of that wasn’t even words.”


Mappae Solis: Most of the content on this blog is work on an OSR-style ttrpg setting. A "standard fantasy" setting that is the result of a ruined post-singularity Solar System. If it ever reaches critical mass, will be turned into a nice purchasable book with art. 

GLOG Classes: Have a look here for what the hell GLOG is, and maybe check out my custom classes: The Action Botanist, Wrench Wench & Big Bot, and Secret Skeleton.


  1. I remember reading Transcendent Humanity back when it was in the process of being written. Honestly, I never had any thoughts as to whether or not it would be done as so many stories lead unfortunately short lives. I'm glad, if somewhat saddened, that you brought it to a close and are still giving this ole writing thing what for here. Best of luck to your future endeavors, writing or otherwise, and best wishes toward life!

    1. Thanks! I'm super grateful for everyone who read TH back when it was just starting. It really helped give me the motivation to improve myself.

  2. I love Transcendent Humanity, recommended it to others, and was absolutely thrilled when you resumed writing it. Are you planning a hardcopy version? It's one of those stories that I'd love to have in my bookshelf.

  3. Transcendent Humanity was and is one of my favorite works of fiction. It is fantastic. I started reading it around the time of Chapter 8, I believe. I think I found it on TV Tropes?
    It's been inspiring to me, a shining example on how to do AUs and For Want of a Nail situations that I hold in very high regard, as well as a wonderful and satisfying take on the Mass Effect Universe. As a scientist I enjoy the plausibility of much of the science used. It was bittersweet for me when I found it was completed, I've been following it for so long. I guess what I want to say is, thank you for the years of wonderful reading. I look forward to more of your work- I'll have to check them out!