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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mappae Solis: Habitats and the Undead

There are many space-born habitats in the solar system that the Gates can reach, ranging from small zero-G satellites to great Stanford tori and O'Neill cylinders. However, the Gates rarely link to them, as the local network does not consider them in its attempts to send travellers to their desired location. Gate Keys can give direct access to these places, but a common trick used by adventurers is to carry a fragment of a Key.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

GLOG Class: Secret Skeleton

 Most people live in the squishy goo inside their skull, supported and sustained by the wet meat wrapped around their bones, powered by the twitching viscera pulsing inside their ribcage. 


Saturday, October 10, 2020

GLOG Class: Wrench Wench and Big Bot.


Why is it that small, adorable, fierce girls often find themselves in the company of a big burly engine of destruction? Amusing juxtaposition? Archaic and unhealthy notions of femininity and masculinity? An equally shitty view on the roles in a heteronormative relationship being expressed in a more palatable form? Probably.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mappae Solis: Copses of the Halflings


Monocultures are rare on Earth, and usually occur due to some form of extremism or isolation. Humans do not have a single authority or culture, but it is a common failing of much speculative fiction to assume that other races do. This often ties in with the idea of “single-biome planets”, worlds of only ice, or forest, or ocean. 

Places might be hotter or drier than Earth, but they should still have variance. Cultures might have species-based traits and similarities, but they should be varied. In this next series of Mappae Solis posts, I will try to give an impression of different species’ cultures, especially given the broken and varied worlds they live in. Don't take any of this as immutable canon, as strange and bizarre subcultures are to be expected.

The Copses of the Halflings

The massive forests of the halflings are not united. Although they share common ideas and views, each Copse is a separate entity, aligned but not always allied with the others.